Characters can have up to two single-handed weapons, or a single-handed weapon and a two-handed weapon. You may pick up to 100 points of wargear for each character, but no model may be given the same item twice.


Autopistol 1 pt
Biotox Blade 5 pts
Close combat weapon 1 pt
Needle pistol 15 pts
Staff of Power 40 pts
Stub gun 1 pt
Warpstone blade 10 pts
Weeping blade 15 pts


Autogun 1 pt
Grenade Pack (Frag & Krak) 10 pts
Shotgun 2 pts


Bands of power 15 pts
Blessing of the Horned Rat (no more than one per army) 25 pts
Engineer warlock's tools (Engineer Warlocks only) 20 pts
Frag grenades 1 pt
Krak grenades 2 pts
Prehensile tail 15 pts
Skalm 25 pts
Warpstone ammunition *
Warpstone bombs 5 pts
Warpstone charm 15 pts

*A character may equip his ranged weapon with warpstone ammunition by paying +50% of the weapon's original cost, rounding up.


Biotox Cloud +15 pts
Icon of the Horned Rat +10 pts
Warp Lightning Field +20 pts
Warp Lightning Generator +15 pts
Warpstone Charm +15 pts

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